Resource Center

Welcome Guide

Welcome to the HHAR family! Check out our welcome guide for everything to know about your new pup!

Talk Doggy To Me

Ever wonder what that cute head tilt means? Check out this doggy language guide to see just what he’s thinking!

Let's Socialize!

Socializing your dog is extremely important, and should be a positive experience for you and your dog! Learn how to properly introduce her to new animals, situations, and people!

Safe Space

Respecting your dogs boundaries is something all dog parents and people should know. This infographic has easy ways to learn how to do so!

That's not on the menu

This list of food should NEVER be on your pup’s plate! Check it out to see the extansive list of food no-nos.

Stay Safe In the Park

Protect your dog, your kids, and other dogs in the park. These are just a few items covered on how to properly take your dog to a park!

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