Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on adoption? Not sure where to start? We're here to help!
How much is your adoption fee? What does it include?

Our adoption fee for all dogs is $625. Your dog will be spay/neutered, have age-appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, and a microchip. We do not perform dental evaluations or cleanings. Please click here to learn more about what goes into the adoption fee.

Do I need to own my home to submit an application?

You do not need to own your home to submit an application. However, due to inconsistency with lease/rental agreements and insurance policies, all bully breed, Shepherd, Rottweiler, Husky, Doberman, Great Pyr, Shar Pei, Cane Corso, and Mastiff (including mix) adoptions must include proof of residential ownership. Home insurance policies should be researched prior to applying for a dog to ensure proper animal coverage. HHAR is not responsible for homeowners insurance coverage issues due to adding a dog of any breed to one’s policy. HHAR reserves all rights to suggest another dog for your situation or deny your application at any time for any reason.

How old do I need to be to adopt?

The primary caretaker must be 25 years of age or older in order to adopt from Harvey’s Hope. If your application states “no age” or “N/A,” it will also be automatically denied.

I live in XX state. Can I adopt from Harvey's Hope?

We are only able to adopt animals to northeastern states. Throughout the United States, it is likely that your nearest shelter or rescue is most likely at capacity. If you would really love the experience of saving a dog’s life, you should check out the local shelters and rescues based in your area. They would be so grateful!

What medical history/vaccinations are required for my resident or previous pets?

Your previous and resident pets must be spay/neutered and seen yearly for routine and preventative care for their entire life. Dogs must be tested for heartworm yearly, receiving monthly preventatives for heartworm and flea/ticks (proof from vet or 3rd party pharmacy such as Chewy required), and vaccinated against DHPP/DAPP, Rabies, and Bordatella. Indoor cats must be vaccinated against Rabies and FVRCP. Outdoor cats must be vaccinated against Rabies, FVRCP, and FelV. It is highly recommended that outdoor cats are placed on heartworm prevention and also tested yearly. All of these items apply for animal sharing your temporary living arrangements (including but not limited to roommates, family members, temporary house guests, etc.).

What does your application process look like?

The first step for the applicant is to submit an adoption application. From there, it will be placed in our queue and reviewed. If it is selected for processing, you will receive an email or text message once assigned from one of our volunteers. The volunteer will check your veterinary, landlord, and personal references, deed/property/public records, and reach out to schedule an interview. The volunteer will not be able to call multiple veterinarians, so please ensure all records are held at one office and they are authorized to release information before applying. Your personal and landlord references will need to return our calls/messages within 48 hours. Once the interview and reference checks are completed, it is sent back to the coordinator for review. If they decide to move your application forward, it will be sent for a home visit. All members of the household must be present for the home visit. The home visit volunteer will complete their report and forward it to the adoption coordinator. If the adoption coordinator feels we can match you with a dog, they will contact you to set up another interview to review options. At any time in the process, for any reason, we reserve the right to deny your application.

What are the reasons you would deny my application?

Applications can be denied for a number of reasons. We hold the right to deny an application for any reason, at any time, that we believe we would not place a dog. Grounds for immediate denial include out of date/inconsistent medical history, false information, unrealistic requirements, and surrenders, to name a few.

I was recently denied for out of date/inconsistent medical history. Can you re-open my application since my pets went to the vet to fix this issue?

We cannot re-open your application once it is denied for out of date/inconsistent medical history. You are welcome to reapply when you have a consistent medical history on all of your animals for the most recent two consecutive years, but this does not guarantee your application will be processed or approved after this criteria is met.

Can I come meet dogs at your facility?

We are a 100% foster based rescue, with our founder’s town as the “location” on our pages. This means we do NOT have a physical location for you to meet animals at. We do not allow in person meet and greets for dogs under 5 months of age, but virtual meets are possible if the dog is locally in a New England foster home. All meet and greets for any local dogs over 5 months of age are only able to be completed for pre-approved adopters. Our animals stay in their southern foster homes or medical boarding until they have an approved adopter. If we do not have a New England foster, we cannot arrange a meet and greet even if your application is approved because we do not have a place to “keep” the dog. This means a dog will not be held for a meet and greet. Once a dog arrives in New England, the prospective adopter is required to travel to the quarantine facility to pick up their pre-adopted dog, or to the foster’s town. Neither can be changed and are subject to transport, quarantine, and foster availability at that time. We are unable to connect prospective adopters with our southern partners.

I want to help but I can’t adopt or foster right now. What else can I do?

Volunteer: We are always looking for volunteers to help process applications, complete home visits, meet up with fosters for photoshoots, transport, and much more! Click on the “Apply” tab to join our journey!
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Where do your dogs come from?

Whether the dogs are found on the side of the road or pulled from a shelter minutes before euthanasia, our dogs and puppies come all the way from Texas to North Carolina. They are placed in foster homes or local medical boarding facilities where they receive medical care, love and attention until they are ready for their forever homes.

Can I adopt a dog prior to its arrival in New England?

Yes! Many people choose to commit to a dog prior to its arrival in New England. This guarantees the dog less transition after their very long journey here, and they will be able to transition into their new home with their forever family, versus multiple homes/foster homes and added stress.

If I pre-adopt a dog, can I get photos, video updates, FaceTimes, etc.?

The dog that you have committed to is safe and cared for by our team until s/he is ready to travel. We know that this is an exciting time and you are eager to learn more about your incoming bundle of joy. While we want you to have a great experience with your adoption, providing ongoing updates and photos of your pup is simply not possible. Our partners, combined, often have dozens puppies or dogs in their care and it is beyond the scope of what they can accommodate.

Do you cat test?

We do not cat test our dogs. It is not really fair to the cats nor is it really probably accurate in a manipulated setting. All cats are different and so how the dog is with one cat in one home with one family might not carry over to another home. If there’s information available on how the dog is with cats from a previous home, we will of course share it, but we always recommend a slow introduction. And, there are some dogs with a known history of prey drive that we do say no cats.

Do you have hypoallergenic dogs?

We do not have hypoallergenic dogs. We cannot consider applications that have dog allergies in the home as we strive to place dogs in their permanent forever homes, without risk of being returned due to an allergic reaction.

How long will it take for me to hear from someone once I submit my application?

We try our best to respond to all applications within 3-5 days of submission. There is an auto/introductory email that comes from Petstablished ensuring you are aware of the process and timeline. If your application passes initial review, it will be assigned to a volunteer. This can take up to 2 weeks depending on application volume. Once we contact you or your references, if we do not hear back within 48 hours, your application will be archived.

Do you adopt dogs as emotional support animals? How about working dogs?

No. We do not adopt dogs out as emotional support animals (ESA) or as guide/service animals. Many of our dogs come from traumatic situations, have no training to serve as a service or emotional support dogs, and most have never lived in a home prior to adoption. There are organizations that have dogs specifically for this purpose and we encourage you to do the research to find a pup that is the best fit for your needs. We also do not adopt dogs out as working dogs, which includes but not limited to guard, protection, attack, recreational sports, hunting, etc.

Do you adopt to homes with electric/e-fence/invisible fencing?

Harvey’s Hope does not adopt dogs to homes with electric/e-fencing/invisible fencing under any circumstances. Foster homes are not allowed to use electric/e-fencing/invisible fencing on any of HHAR’s foster animals.

What's an adoption fee?

Ever wonder what an adoption fee actually covers? Find out now!

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