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Who is Harvey?

“Harvey-Dent, formerly “Shermy,” was dumped at a high-kill shelter in Texas with his mama and siblings. They were pulled from the shelter by BARRK Animal Rescue and placed into foster care. Next, they were transferred to Georgia. Harvey contracted Parvovirus on the way up. A very common, $12 vaccine as a puppy could have prevented this. 90% of puppies who do not get treatment for Parvo die. Thanks to Dr. Terry and the amazing staff at Lake Hartwell Veterinary Hospital, Harvey made a full recovery.

He arrived in our home early May of 2018. It only took two weeks before we were completely smitten with this little 11lb puppy. Sweet is an understatement. All Harvey wanted to do was please us- he would do ANYTHING for a pet or “good boy.” To this day, Harvey is part of our welcoming committee. Whenever a new dog comes to the house, he spends the first few nights sleeping beside their crate. He has been snapped at and slapped dozens of time, but he has made it his job to make every dog feel like they have a friend and safe home.”

All of our applications are processed by volunteers
Our directors are from both NH and MA and have over 30 years of rescue experience combined
We aren't afraid to pull the classic southern hound, the overlooked black dogs, medical cases, or dogs that need a little extra love and care before being ready for adoption
Our shelter partners include, but are not limited to: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. We also help and partner with the New England community shelter/rescues



Gabriele grew up in the greater Boston area on the outskirts of the Rumney Marsh. She spent her teenage years helping trap, spay/neuter and release the feral cats there. She has worked with various rescues throughout New England before starting Harvey’s Hope Animal Rescue. Gabriele, her husband, Nicholas, and their four dogs are medical fosters for Harvey’s Hope. They rehabilitate the dogs who need a little more help before being ready for adoption.





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Harvey’s Hope Animal Rescue is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), all-volunteer organization that exists to rescue, re-home, and rehabilitate homeless, unwanted, abused, and neglected dogs and place them in loving and responsible forever homes.